Below is a list of projects and libraries I am or have been involved with.

  • Skye: A programming language bridging theory and practice for scientific data curation (project homepage)
  • Glasgow Haskell Compiler (project homepage)
    I have been involved in development of GHC between 2013 and 2015.
    • Together with Simon Peyton Jones and Richard Eisenberg we extended GHC with injective type families. Details are described in the paper Injective Type Families for Haskell.
    • I contributed various patches to Template Haskell.
    • I have implemented new PrimOps for comparing built-in primitive types. This allows to write branchless algorithms. See GHC wiki for an in-depth discussion of the problem and implementation details.
    • I worked on improving Cmm optimizations, which are performed before code generation.
  • singletons (github, hackage)
    Together with Richard Eisenberg we developed a method of converting Haskell term-level functions to the type level. Our approach is implemented in the singletons library.
  • dep-typed-wbl-heaps (bitbucket: Agda, Haskell)
    Verified implementation of a weight biased leftist heap in Agda and Haskell. This project is a an intermediate-level tutorial aimed at people who already have a basic knowledge on program verification using dependent types.
  • haskell-testing-stub (bitbucket)
    Demonstration of how to organize tests and benchmarks in a Haskell project.
  • tasty-program (bitbucket, hackage)
    Library that extends tasty testing framework. Allows to test whether a given program executes successfully.
  • tasty-hunit-adapter (bitbucket, hackage)
    Library that extends tasty testing framework. Allows to import existing HUnit tests.
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