Active research topics

  • Functional programming
    I am interested in functional programming languages, their theoretical foundations and practical implementations. I am mostly focused on the topics of type systems and formal verification. My research concentrates on Haskell, but I also know Coq and in the past had contact with Scheme, Agda, Idris, Erlang, Scala and Prolog.
  • Compiler construction
    My work in this area is directly related to my interest in functional programming. In the past I have contributed to the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) project and currently I am developing a compiler for Links language.

Past research topics

  • Discrete wavelet transform
    DWT was the main subject of my doctoral research. In my PhD thesis I designed a novel method of wavelet synthesis based on signal processing outcome.
  • Embedding digital watermarks
    In my PhD thesis I applied my method of wavelet synthesis to improve digital image watermarking in the wavelet transform domain.
  • Image processing
    During my PhD research I also worked on image quality assessment methods and image compression algorithms operating in the wavelet transform domain.
  • Biometrics
    As part of my Masters' thesis I created a system for automatic fingerprint recognition. It was also the subject of my first scientific publication.

Other scientific interests

I have always been interested in creating good software, where ”good” stands both for 1) correct runtime behaviour, and 2) high quality of source code. Formal verification methods promise solutions to the first problem and that is an area of my active research. But I am still interested in the question of creating good source code. To this end I am generally curious about software engineering, ie. all the technical knowledge that tells us how to construct code that is easy to understand by humans, maintainable, modular and reusable. I am also interested in programming as a social activity that leads to software creation. I feel we still have much to learn in this area. I am fond of agile software development. I see it as a step forward in managing software development in an industrial setting.

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